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Episode Notes


When we asked Dr Alagia his goals for this podcast, he told us, "I think the podcast project gives our doctors and our scientists at Quest a voice. It connects us with the outside community. We work with a lot of folks who live in the laboratories, who live in the hospitals, who do great work here. It's essential work. Everything starts with the lab. We can't treat a patient without laboratorians and all the work that they do. We wanted to make sure that people understood how number one, important they are, but how powerful their intellects are in terms of contributing to patient care. Without them, everything stops." 

He then added, "One of the things that's important for us to talk about is care, science, and community. When people hear that it's not just the testing and the analytics and everything else that we do and the insights that we provide, but really at the core of everything we do is patient care, and that's what our north star is. That's what drives us."

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