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A Commitment To Women’s Health

Episode Summary

Dr. Alagia is joined by Quest’s Kathleen Valentine and Dr. Karen Racicot to discuss the importance of screenings and equity in women’s healthcare.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Diagnostics Dialogues - Innovation & Insight, where we are covering the hottest topics in healthcare with top researchers, doctors, and thought leaders! For this episode, Dr Pat Alagia is joined by Vice President & General Manager of Women’s and Reproductive Health at Quest Diagnostics, Kathleen Valentine, and Quest's Director and Medical Science Liaison for Women’s Health, Dr. Karen Racicot. Together, the group discusses the importance of genetic carrier and prenatal screening, as well as Quest's commitment to health equity and treating women throughout every stage of their lives. This episode is one of our favorites, so get ready for another thoughtful conversation with the brightest minds in healthcare and join us for Diagnostics Dialogues - Innovation & Insight, from Quest Diagnostics.

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